Toronto’s Social Club For Car Enthusiasts

“Why are all these people so friendly?”

Because we’re a car club unlike any other. We blend the best of Toronto’s fast-paced lifestyle with an enthusiastic love of cars and car culture. Our focus is on people, rather than just high performance.

Our purpose is to bring joy to the community — and the world — by bringing together fun and interesting people for epic adventures, electrifying events, and a healthy car culture everyone can enjoy!

Our winning formula: 70/40

70% enabler

We love helping each other, whether it’s helping to find your perfect ride, navigating for you at the next off-road rally…and everything in between. RCLUB members give back to the community, and we go out of our way to help.

Mechanics & maintenance

Our regular series of hands-on workshops take you through the basics, from routine maintenance, oil changes, and swapping out tires through brake repair and replacement, rebuilds, and restoration.

The tone: friendly and welcoming.

The results: informed and road-ready!

40% chaos monkey

RCLUB doesn’t have too many rules or schedules other than being friendly, respectful, and engaged. We trust our members to take the initiative on good ideas, map out a plan, and start things up!

Our 24/7 clubhouse

Members aren’t tied to a rigid daily schedule — and you never know what’s going to happen or who’s going to be there. On any given visit you might join lively, fun conversations around racing, music, film and TV, the arts, the restaurant scene, cocktail culture…or preview a one-of-a-kind exotic prototype being tested out by an automotive journalist!

The tone: lively and engaging.

The results: new friends and fun memories.

We’re more than just a car club.

Connecting cars & camaraderie

The starting line for RCLUB membership is a shared love of automotive culture, whether your interests are classic rides, cherished collectibles, sports cars, high-performance racing…or a lively club lifestyle unlike any other in Toronto.

We gather for F1 watch parties, single-day and weekend outings — Muskoka cottage country, anyone? — performance driver training, an inventive range of other automotive adventures, and general fun. From “Cars & Coffee” meet-ups to off-roading events and kart races, film screenings, special beverage tastings, and summertime Friday socials, RCLUB is the go-to destination for those seeking the perfect blend of car culture and social vibes.

“Turnkey” member service

We don’t forget the basics. RCLUB takes care of our members at every turn, starting with club concierge services for all your automotive needs. We can perform routine maintenance and repairs in-house, or arrange services with approved outside shops and vendors. Just drop off the keys we’ll arrange everything else.

Take the wheel

Learn more about RCLUB, tour our clubhouse…and start up your membership!

The car club you’ve been waiting for.

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